What is there to say about me? About this blog? My inner perfectionist will never be able to sum up the perfect words to describe what is going on here. So lets just go with some facts. I’m 24 and gay, I live in Austin, Texas. I have a cat named Phoebe who I call Chunk Monster because she is fat. I’m writing this blog for myself and it will mostly, if not always, be about me, my thought, experiences, and opinions. Before you freak out, I am not some delusional 20 year old who thinks the world revolves around them. It clearly revolves are Beyonce.

I have been reading a lot on memoirs lately and that was the inspiration behind starting this blog, if any celebrity can “write” one so can I. I used quotes for write because I’m not 100% convinced some of them actual did any writing (I’m lookin’ at you Snooki or that one Teen Mom or any reality tv star). When figuring out how to start I came across a website that listed three rules for writing a good memoir.

– It must be interesting

– It must be thematic

– It must be personal

I will try and stick to those rules to the best of my abilities. So you may laugh, you may cry, but hopefully laugh because I writing most of the stories in a comedic tone, and you may wonder why you’re even reading my blog. Don’t look at me, I have no fucking clue.

– Rook



  1. I am a little clueless as to who you are by this description. But on the other hand one can be what one wishes for and the reader doesn´t have to know. There are a lot of writers out there that goes under pseudonyms. J.K. Rowling got the advise to only use letters instead of her first name to get published. And when she published detective stories they were quite unknown until someone figured out who the writer was.
    By the way.I think your header is awesome! I like very much!


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